Juha Kallio

After 30 years we got honour to race in legendary Imatra track in public roads.
Peter Guld took all photos

Alfonso Vasquez

Found some pix's from last years Hell on Wheels Hot August Nights held at Perris raceway. 
Photo Cred to @Rideapart

Oleg Pianykh

I had a couple of races in August.  As always ups and downs.  Had good pace at both tracks, and actually set a new superstock lap record at Pueblo Motorsports Park.  
The downs... at Pueblo, during Friday practice I went out and on my 4th lap I was going down the back straightaway as I saw a slow rider up ahead, it looked like something was wrong with his bike.  He was on the raceline instead of on the right like he should of been.  I went to the right side of the track to avoid him, and as I was nearing him he turned around and swerved right into my path.  I had no time to react fully, all I did was my best to avoid hitting him head by turning right as hard as possible.  I still ended up rear ending him.  Data shows I hit him at 119 mph, I was still full throttle and didnt even get off the gas.   He was going about 15-20mph. I flew over him, my bike was about 50 yards ahead of me.  Luckily we are both still alive.  That was the gnarliest thing that has ever happened to me on a bike.  I attached a pic of my front wheel which hit his bike, take a look at the brake rotor :).   I went to the hospital, but was able to race the next day, and won my race.
Now I am getting ready to head down south and do some races in Chuckwalla Raceway in California, and some commercial work for Yamaha. 
Hope you guys had a great labor day! 

Marc Perrone

Just some practice time at Barber this weekend…. Action shots coming soon….. Trophy is growing… Moto GP on trailer at night… Good Party after 5.. Action shots will be out this week…

Garrett Brittenham

Overall a good night at the track on the 27th.  Was a tad under the weather, but managed wins in 40+ and Hooligans. Here’s a few pics. Action shots by Bruno Melli, pit shots by Jen Hoff, bike shots by me.

Chris Handlos

Garrett Brittenham

Got 2nd overall. Working on bike setup, hoping to do better! One Honda pic too. Won that one.

Adam Bauer

Heading out for qualifying on the Paul Black Racing CBR600RR this afternoon was a blast! Hoping some good shots were taken today as there were cameras everywhere around the course. 

 That moment when you realize Michael Dunlop just went by you, 
time to hitch a ride and follow some lines!

 Well the Supersport races didn't go to plan... Bumped the back tire of another bike and crossed me up and ended up high siding myself to the moon. I did luckily walk away and had the bike ready for the second Supersport race but the tip over sensor said no and we couldn't get the bike started after getting it back through scrutineering. BIG THANKS to everyone who has helped with this adventure, I was comfortable in the over 111mph avg and broke the 4 minute barrier today along with posting over 157mph on the flying kilo on the stock 600rr. Happy with that, bummed about the crash but it's part of it. Take what I've learned away from it to the next event.

6th gear flat out stretching throttle cables exiting Loughers at the Ulster GP... Nothing like it, absolutely nothing can describe it, get over and see it for yourself!

That time you get yelled at to grab a beer and hang out with John McGuinness's bonfire next to his RV in the paddock

Jordan Baber

Baber in Sturgis