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Pikes Peak 2017

Michael Goni

Travis Taylor

Hey FTWCO team,
Quick update, made it to Full Circle V Twin’s spring DIRT DAY, held at beautiful Cove View Speedway in Warfordsburg, PA.  I talked to the owner awhile, the track was roughed out years ago and maintained on the family’s land to support their cart racing hobby.  Over the years, it grew into the facility it is today.  He and his family live on the grounds, and they were very impressed with the motorcycle event Full Circle put on.  I believe the event will be welcome back in the fall.  Designed for carts, the track has an intimidating bank angle. Once out there, that perception fades quickly, finding traction easy on the smooth, tacky surface.  Fun!  I wish I had more / better photos to share, but I did not make the main.  I gave it my best but finished 4th out of 5 in my heat, against a couple 250s, an XS400 and an XS650. I think there were 4 heats total in the Amateur class.  I realized later, the best opportunity to get a good start was down below the groove,  where it was a little more tacky and untouched.  Forever learning.  Hope to have more for you soon!  Photos taken by Mark Goldman (Goldmine Photos) and Ted Ellis.
Thanks as always for your support!
Travis Taylor #12

Dave Fresten / Chopper Dave


Team Brittenham, Garrett Brittenham

Local short track, Joe got 2nd in 250, 5th in 250-450. I won 40+ and got 5th in Sportsman. Then we hit the VDTRA ½ mile in Ada, OK. Joe got 5th in 250, and 4th in 250-450. I won the Hooligan class, and the 40+ class, 3rd in 80s singles. It was brutally hot and humid, but a great time. The next day we watched the pros at the OKC Mile. Fantastic Father’s Day weekend! As always, thanks to my favorite Sponsor, FTWCO!

Chad Karstens

Mark Keown

 Road Atlanta
I have attached some photos from this 
season racing with WERA. The Roebling 
photo was taken during the Heavyweight 
Twins Superbike race, where I finished 
2nd and bettered my personal best lap by 
1 second. The Talladega photo was taken 
during my first win of the season in 
Heavyweight Twins Superbike. I got a 
terrible start and really had to fight 
my way to the front. This photo was on the 
next to last lap I believe. I also attached 
a photo of the Esses at Road Atlanta during 
the C Superbike race. It wasn't my best 
finish, but I learned a few things and am 
looking forward to heading to Barber 
Motorsports Park July 1 and 2. 
Thanks for all the support!

Mark Keown

Travis Newbold

Pikes Peak

Miles Rowan

5th out of 5 on the Hooligan class.  Was riding in 2nd gear and needed to be in first.   I put it off the wall with a double tap with the rear after the checkers battling for 4th and stayed up.  Great times.

Took 1st in the 250 cc, but that's a different story.

Happy father's day.

Miles Rowan

Chad Karstens

Colby Brommel

Robert Longhurst

 Here are some photos from an event I went to over the weekend.  More of a timed practice than a race.  Managed the fastest lap on my 1974 CZ250.  Really enjoyed the grass track on that thing.

Rider - @rrlno_5
Photographer - @elenavs25
#blackbirdsracing @blackbirdsassembly

Aaron Sauerbrey

Hey guys, following up after the first class win, hard rock endure in Canon City, hot day in the high desert.  Raced on tubliss system in the rear and flatted on the second lap. raced the last 3 with zero air pressure for a 1st in B open and 4th B overall.  Had to swap jerseys after taking a dirt nap and gathering a bunch of cactus in my back.  Cheers.  
Instagram  @Colo_rider

Komiyama Daiki

I send the photograph of the race the other day
Thank you for support!
Daiki Komiyama